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About Slaney Farms Produce Ltd

John Stafford has grown potatoes at Slaney Farms near Enniscorthy, Co Wexford in the southeast of Ireland since 1996.
A family business, Slaney Farms produce quality fresh potatoes for the Irish market, operating a fully integrated potato processing system and currently employing over 32 staff. With successful expansion of the facilities over the decades, and in more recent years the company’s investment of over €2m in state-of-the-art storage, washing, grading and packing facility, Slaney Farms are now able to offer customers a year-round supply of fresh produce.
From the beginning the company, hard work and the help of technology, natural method and farming advancements have ensured that the quality and excellence of the potato delivered to our customers is second to none. For John and his dedicated team the emphasis is on providing a fully traceable field-to-fork wholesome and tasty potato to Irish households.
Grown with passion, we keep a close eye on quality standards. From the preparation of the soil for planting, to harvesting and processing of the potato, we are meticulous in ensuring optimal freshness and excellence of our produce flows right through the value chain to land on the plate as they should – perfect. Our specialist knowledge of the soil and our farming expertise is very apparent in the flavour and quality of the potato varieties we grow.
The duel focus of consistency and quality guarantees that each crop at Slaney Farms harnesses the best from local growing conditions and the goodness of the soil. Ensuring that each potato contain a very high dry matter potato while retaining the all-important traditional flavour that consumers remember, know and love is part of our story too.
With customer service at the forefront of our operations, Slaney Farms has successfully listed its own brand with key multiples and independent stores nationwide and beyond.
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