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Origin Green – Working with Nature

Slaney Farms’ participation in Origin Green currently covers the three-year period 2017-2020. The targets we have set ourselves involve both production and farmland sites, and focus on the areas of raw material sourcing; manufacturing and social sustainability.

In the area of raw material sourcing, the company has taken a number of steps around paper and packaging usage. Since 2016, 100% sustainably sourced and recycled paper has been used at Slaney Farms. They have also reduced by 20% the plastic micron in packaging and by 52% the plastic micron in pallet wrap.

In our manufacturing process measures around the reduction energy, the improvement of our overall vehicle efficiency and the reduction of general waste and increased recycling is very important to us. We also have a rain water harvesting, recycling and conservation system in place.

In the area of soil health, the company moved to 100% minimum tillage operations in 2017 in Cereal production, with the company currently engaged in a salad potato project aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of salad potatoes grown in Ireland.