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An introduction to Potato varieties

Throughout the year Slaney Farms Produce deliver to customers and retailers nationwide, with its own fleet of vehicles. With a wide range of potatoes varieties and pack sizes available – from a 10kg, 7.5kg and 5kg carry bag, we also have convenient 2.5kg, 2kg, 1kg and Quick Cook packs for consumer convenience. We offer catering and foodservice company’s larger sized produce and bulk formats.

And because Irelands favourite potato varieties are gown and harvested at different times of the year we also know the importance of offering our customers the best quality potatoes year around. We do this simply by harnessing the growing cycle and employing effective storage methods.

  • Earlies are planted from February to March and available from late May to July.
  • Second earlies are planted in March and April and harvested from July to October;
  • Maincrop potatoes are planted from March to May and available from September to June

Here are some of the main potato varieties we offer, you can click each to view more information:

We also offer the full range of fruit and vegetables, all grown by local farmers or sourced from Irish producers:
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